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Instructions For Dark inkjet transfer paper

General Description

Heat transfer paper which allows the user to transfer images printed on an ordinary inkjet printer onto dark coloured fabrics including T-shirts, cotton bags & aprons.

The transfers can be done using a domestic iron OR a professional heat press.

Suitable for use with ANY Inkjet printer such as HP,Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Brother & Kodak(using dye or pigment based inks). NOT FOR USE WITH LASER OR DYE SUBLIMATION PRINTERS.

Not recommended for young children. Older children must be supervised

What you will need :

  • An inkjet printer.
  • Printing substrate(e.g T-shirt, cotton bag, apron)
  • Iron (1400w or higher)
  • A suitable heat-resistant hard and flat surface.DO NOT USE AN IRONING BOARD. Use a solid table, worktop, floor or similar.
  • A piece of greeseproof paper (supplied)


  • Set the paper type on your printer to matte paper, high quality, plain paper or similar.
  • Ensure you choose the required quality setting; high, medium or low.
  • There is NO NEED TO MIRROR the image.
  • Feed SINGLE sheets as this paper cannot be multi-fed.
  • After printing, allow to dry for about 5 minutes before transferring


  • Remember, you will get the exact image on the substrate as you have on the paper, including any white areas around the image or in the middle of letters.
  • Ensure the steam setting is switched off on the iron.
  • Trim off as much of the unwanted excess paper from around your design as possible.
  • Prepare a flat and solid surface on which to iron.Cover the surface with an old tea towel or similar to give it slight cushoning & to protect it from te heat.
  • Before transfering, peel the image from the backing sheet.


  • Iron the substrate without the transfer paper for about a minute, to warm it up a little & smooth out any creases.
  • Place the transfer paper with the printed image facing up.
  • Place a sheet of greaseproof paper over the transfer paper.
  • Start ironing the image, making sure all areas recieve the same amount of heat by moving constantly in small circles. You will need to iron for at least 5 minutes, applying a resonable amount of pressure.You cannot use to much pressure the more the better.
  • For images smaller then A4, you can proportionally shorten the ironing time.
  • Allow the substrate to cool for about 1 minute & then remove the greaseproof paper. The image should now be stuck to the garment. If there are any areas which have not adhered, replace the greaseproof paper & iron the area for a futher minute.


  • Image has bled when printed onto the paper - ensure you have selected the correct paper mode & quality.
  • Some of the image did not transfer - ether the iron is not hot enough or some areas of the image have not been ironed for long enough
  • Substrate has turned brown or has singed before the transfer has stuck - you are using a very hot iron and can therefore reduce the temperature & ironing time by 30%

Washing Instructions

  • Your transfers are washable by hand or in a machine. Please wait at least 24 hours before washing.
  • We recommend a gentle cycle in the washing machine, no higher the 40 degrees. Use a gentle spin & do not tumble dry.
  • It is also worth checking the washing instructions/care guide of the substrate you have chosen to print the transfer onto, in case these differ.