UK Moving on Single-Use Plastic

UK Moving on Single-Use Plastic

This week has seen some heartening reports in the news.

Legislation banning the use of microbeads in cosmetic and personal care products came into force on Tuesday; yesterday we heard the proposal to extend the English 5p single-use carrier bag charge to all retailers - in line with the charges in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland - and today the Prime Minister delivered a speech pledging to "eliminate all avoidable plastic waste within 25 years"1.

This announcement mentioned consultation on potential charges for other single-use items, and investment in innovation in the plastics industry. Some environmental groups have expressed disappointment in the lack of immediate plans in today's speech2. We look forward to hearing further details of the government's plans.

Also in the news today is an announcement from Scotland's Environment Secretary that legislation will be introduced to ban the manufacture and sale of plastic stemmed cotton buds. Read the Marine Conservation Society's reaction to this news here.

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