Are supermarkets finally bidding farewell to single use plastic bags?

Are supermarkets finally bidding farewell to single use plastic bags?

Yesterday, it was announced that Tesco will not be offering lightweight 'single use' carrier bags in UK stores after 28th August. We think this is brilliant news, and although it does seem to have been a long time coming, we look forward to hearing more news of this sort.

When a simple Google search will show you that numerous countries have introduced a complete ban on lightweight plastic bags, it becomes apparent how much work there is still to do here in the UK in convincing people to live without such products.

One of the easiest and most pleasant ways to do something about the pervasive scourge of single use plastic bags is of course to avoid any temptation to use them by making sure you always carry a cotton bag or two in case of shopping-related emergencies.

Do you think that people who currently use the 5p single use bags will change their habits? Or will their shopping bills simply go up slightly as they buy the 10p 'bags for life' each trip instead? Tesco obviously haven't seen significant opposition to the change during their trial over the past 10 weeks. Hopefully we'll soon see other influential retailers joining Tesco, Sainsburys and Lidl in only offering reusable bags to their customers.

Whatever the supermarkets decide, we'll be here to fulfil all your cotton bag needs - and a whole lot more besides!

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