Keep Taking the Tablets - Now With 5% Off!

Keep Taking the Tablets - Now With 5% Off!

iPad, Galaxy, Kindle... whichever brand of tablet computer or e-reader you have, it’s a good idea to keep it safe from damage in your bag or when you’re carrying it from place to place. In true Clever Baggers’ style, we have (naturally!) come up with a low cost and stylish solution in the form of our recently introduced hemp-cotton tablet cases. As an added bonus, we’ve designed them so they can be personalised with a design of your choice. (And yes, we really will print only one if that’s all you want!)

We chose to make the tablet cases and matching pencil case in natural hemp-cotton cloth because it has such a luxurious look and feel. Single colour print designs show up particularly well against the natural oatmeal colour, and the chunky contrast black zip keeps contents secure within the protective neoprene-lined pouch.

With exam results due to be announced this month, a personalised tablet or pencil case will make a great  gift for anyone celebrating success and either moving on to the next stage of their academic career, or starting their first job. But as an alternative to buying for someone else, please feel free to spoil yourself, we’re sure you must have earned it!

Eagle-eyed browsers of this product range will have noted from the product description on our website that the aforementioned pencil case has a laminated wipe-clean interior, essential to prevent stains or other marks showing through to the outer surface should any pen lids become dislodged. They may also have found that we have a similarly-sized pencil case made in a natural 8oz cotton canvas which, like its hemp-cotton counterpart, will keep all essential school equipment neat and tidy however many other items are packed into your bag.

If your school days are long behind you, these handy little zipped pouches have a multitude of other uses. We particularly encourage people to use them as make-up cases as they slip easily into a handbag to keep everything with you throughout the day or evening. Why not share with us your ideas for using them via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and show off your creativity to all our followers?

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