Progress on Plastic Waste at UN Summit

Progress on Plastic Waste at UN Summit

The UN Environment Assembly closed yesterday in Nairobi with 13 resolutions passed and many more pledges given to improve lives across the globe by tackling pollution such as that caused by excess plastic packaging and single use plastic bags.

Dr. Edgar Gutiérrez, Minister of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica and the President of the 2017 UN Environment Assembly, stated, “With the promises made here, we are sending a powerful message that we will listen to the science, change the way we consume and produce, and tackle pollution in all its forms across the globe.”

The summit ran for three days and was attended by over 4000 people including heads of state, business leaders, UN officials, and activists.

Environment ministers at the assembly issued a declaration committing to increasing reasearch & development, targeting pollution tailored actions, moving societies towards sustainable lifestyles based on a circular economy, and much more.

Moves to address marine litter and microplastics were among the 13 non-binding resolutions and 3 decisions agreed by the assembly. Chile, Oman, South Africa, and Sri Lanka joined the #CleanSeas campaign during the summit, and Sri Lanka also promised to implement a ban on single-use plastic products from 1st January 2018.

The full press release from the United Nations Environment Programme can be read here.

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