Clever Bags For Business
Case Study

     In 2006 the Glastonbury Festival was still giving away a plastic bag containing their information pack to all 150,000 attendees. Sadly the majority of these plastic bags were being discarded during and after the event and the end of festival clean-up operation was of biblical proportions!

     Then in 2007, the organisers, in conjunction with their bag sponsor Yeo Valley Organics, decided enough was enough so they switched to using The Clever Baggers’ 100% natural organic cotton carrier to give away at the gate.

     The reduction in plastic waste left on site plummeted, the bags were an instant Glastonbury Bagshit on eBay, selling for many times their face value, and sales of Yeo Valley yoghurt increased!

Why Give Away a Throwaway?

Give your customers a promotional gift they won't throw away after the event!
Here are just some of the companies who've become Clever Baggers since 2006:

     Bags, tea towels and aprons. Fairly ordinary products you might think but with a bit of thought they can be very clever indeed! All the products you see on our web pages are available to be printed or embellished with your message and/or logo. This makes them an ideal promotional product for your company or organisation.

     Thousands of companies each year exhibit their products and give prospective customers catalogues or samples. But why put them in a plastic bag which will then immediately be thrown away when they get

back to the office? One of our cost-efficient cotton or canvas promotional bags on the other hand will be cherished for weeks, months, or even years after the event giving real value for money!

     Tea towels are also an excellent medium for promotional campaigns or messages. We have supplied literally millions of them to town and city councils to help with their waste re- cycling strategies. Think about it, a traditional mail-shot will go straight into the bin, a tea towel printed with the same message won’t!

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