Terms & Conditions

PRICES – All estimates are based on the Company’s production costs at the date thereof and may be carried on or after the conclusion of any contract with the Customer to allow for any change in production costs including (without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing) the cost of labour materials or transport. All prices quoted for goods and services are valid for a period of 21 calendar days from date of issue, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company. This does not include prices quoted for carriage which are subject to industry fluctuation.

PAYMENT – All orders will be paid on pro-forma unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company. V.A.T. where applicable, is payable on all goods and services supplied by The Clever baggers Ltd whether or not included in the estimate.

ARTWORK ORIGINATION – The preparation of artwork for printing is charged as a separate item. In the event of an order being cancelled, charges relating to origination will be made in line with our cancellation policy. All prices quoted include up to 1 hr of graphic design work, artwork proofs and the production of printing screens. Any additional time thereafter will be charged at the rate of £20 per hour. Where complete digital artwork is not supplied, then it is wholly the customers’ responsibility to ensure that any artwork provided by themselves or The Clever Baggers Ltd, is satisfactory before any goods are printed. The Clever Baggers Ltd will give as much professional help in advising the customer as to the suitability of the artwork, but accept no responsibility whatsoever in the appearance of the design once it has been printed onto fabric.

COPYRIGHT – It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that they have the legal right to reproduce the image or text as supplied to the Clever Baggers. The company shall accept no liability for any infringement of copyright law, and by submitting artwork the customer is confirming that they have a legal right to request reproduction of the image / artwork. Customers intellectual property in the form of graphic design, photos and other digital / electronic media will be stored on a secure server and will only be used in conjunction with the customers own order unless separate agreement is reached. Please refer to notes for damaged and kept (D&K) items.

TITLE – Until such time as the goods have been fully paid for, title to the goods will remain vested in The Clever Baggers Ltd, who may, without prejudice to any other legal remedy, repossess any unpaid for goods. The goods will from time of the delivery be at the buyers’ risk.

DELIVERY – Where a delivery date is quoted, this is intended only as a guide and may be subject to change at the time of placing your order. Although quoted in good faith, The Clever Baggers Ltd is not responsible for any delays or consequential losses. No guarantees of delivery are undertaken at any time. Customers should organise their own express service to collect orders where recourse is required, if a deadline is not met. All despatches are ex-works and method of carriage is at The Clever Baggers Ltd‘s discretion. Order quantities subject to + / - 5% variance.

For deliveries to non-E.C. countries, customs fees (taxes, duties, processing fees, brokerage fees, etc) may be charged on delivery. Please contact your local customs office if you need to know more. These fees are not included in our shipping charge. We do not refund these fees, shipping or the cost of your order should you refuse to pay the customs fees. Should you return goods where the customs fees have been paid, only the cost of your goods may be refunded.

SIZE – Products can vary in size by +/- 5%

FABRIC WEAVE & COLOUR – Cloths may vary in weave and shade due to the inherent nature of the cotton fibres, their country of origin and the weaving process employed. 

CLOTH COLOUR: DYED FABRICS  Whilst every effort will be made to maintain consistent standards, allowance must be made for some variation in shade of dyed fabrics, as there can be variances between 

PRINT COLOUR VARIATION – Whilst every effort will be made to maintain consistent standards, allowance must be made for some variation in shade from panel to panel during a production run, as no two items react in identical fashion when printed. Thus, no allowance or concession will be made for prints, which are not deemed to match exactly the approved standard, or other prints in the lot being processed. Matching will however be to commercially acceptable standards.

PRODUCT CARE – Products require different care depending upon their base fibre-content, the finish and the embellishment process applied. Clever Baggers Ltd sales team will advise upon request. Specific wash/rub/fade/shrink standards may be met subject to these being outlined when placing an order. 

CUSTOMERS' PROPERTY AND PROPERTY SUPPLIED – All property supplied to The Clever Baggers Ltd by or on behalf of the customer will be held at customers' risk. Every care will be taken to secure the best results where materials or equipment are supplied by customers, but responsibility will not be accepted for imperfect work caused by defects in, or unsuitability of such materials and equipment.

D & K – Unless faulty printed products are explicitly requested and at an agreed price when placing an order, print faults and seconds will be kept by The Clever Baggers and re-cycled or sold as seen fit.

INSOLVENCY – If the customer ceases to pay his debt in the ordinary course of business or cannot pay his debts as they become due or, being a company, is deemed unable to pay its debts or has a winding up petition issued against him. The Clever Baggers Ltd without prejudice to other remedies shall 1) Have the right not to proceed further with the contract or any other work for the customer and be entitled to charge for work already carried out (whether completed or not) and materials purchased for the customer, such charge to be an immediate debt due to him. 2) in respect of all the unpaid debts due from the customer have a general lien on all goods and property in his possession (whether worked on or not) and shall be entitled on the expiration of 14 days notice to dispose of such goods or property in such manners and at such prices as he thinks fit and to apply the proceeds towards such debts. The construction, validity and performance of this contract shall be governed by the law of England and Wales, and any legal proceedings in relation to such contract shall be submitted in the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales without prejudice to the sellers' right to bring any such proceedings before the Courts having jurisdiction in the Purchasers' place of residence or business.

COMPLAINTS – Please ensure that all orders are checked upon receipt. Any complaints relating to your order must be made to the Company in writing within 7 days of receipt. The company accepts no liability for complaints submitted other than in this manner, or in excess of this period. The company does not accept any claims for consequential losses relating to the purchase of goods from the company. (Your statutory rights are not affected).

RETURNS - PLAIN ORDERS – Under distance selling regulations, you are entitled to cancel your order at any time up to 7 days after receiving your goods, starting the day after you received them. You must notify The Clever Baggers in writing within that period. The Clever Baggers will aim to issue refunds within 10 working days from notification. The items must be returned to The Clever Baggers Ltd within 28 days of receipt, stating the reason for return. The Clever Baggers will not refund return postage costs. The company shall only refund the cost of the goods cancelled. Where a complete order is cancelled, only standard postage charges shall be refunded, any additional or express services selected by the customer shall be at the expense of the customer. We cannot accept responsibility for items lost during transit. We advise that you retain proof of postage as a minimum, as we reserve the right to claim for any losses in the event of goods not being returned. This does not apply to any custom printed orders. Your statutory rights are not affected.

CANCELLATION - PRINTED ORDERS – Orders for printed goods may be cancelled in line with the following:

  • After confirming order but prior to artwork origination – No Charge
  • After artwork origination but prior to printing – All applicable origination charges (Minimum £20.00)
  • After printing started – Full order value except delivery costs.

PROMOTIONS & DISCOUNT  All promotions and discounts will be subject to additional terms and conditions as specified and supplied with that promotion. All orders must fully comply with the terms of the promotion in order to benefit from that specific promotion / discount.